NOVELTY M1 Respirator
  • NOVELTY M1 Respirator


    The M1 is a compact half mask respirator with a modular attachment system like other high performance respirators for a fraction of the cost. 


    The modular design allows the filter apparatus to be mounted separate from the respirator via a high flow adapter (HFA). The HFA features a snap fit ring with round paper gasket that creates seal. This round paper can function as a backup filter, if there is no higher performance filter available to install. An airtight seal around the face is achieved with a D shape EPDM Weather seal gasket and it can be easily adjusted to different shaped faces. A combination of paracord and barrel style cord lock to make a comfortable and robust way to fasten the mask to your head. Finally, the filter material we use is a wet/dry hepa filter. This material comes from professional grade vacuum bags and is safe to breathe through according to our testing and OEM. 


    The M1 respirator passed a quantitative respirator fit testing on a PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester. The M1 respirator scored a fit factor of 200+ (perfect) on all exercises being scored when tested at N95 requirements. 


    The masks are shipped with: 

    • 1 M1 respirator with straps and cord lock installed. (style of cord lock may vary)

    • 1 HFA* with 1 filter bag installed (size of bag may vary)

    • 3 paper gaskets.

    * updated HFA with cone shape to improve sound *


    Care and Cleaning

    • Respirator can be wiped clean with water (and soap, if needed). 
    • Avoid immersing the mask with the gaskets installed. 

    • Filter can be reused and gently washed with warm water and soap.  

    • Respirators can be reused indefinitely so long as the foam seal is intact.

    • The products and claims made herein have not yet been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. While M1 product's fit testing has outperformed N95 in quantitative trials, efficacy relies on proper wearing of the user. While FDA approval has yet to be received, masks are not certified as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and may not provide same level of protection as FDA-cleared surgical masks, N95 masks, and equivalents.

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