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Help Protect OUR Protectors

Hello everyone!

We have been humbled by our community with the amount of support we have received so far and are proud to say Phase 1 of our printed PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) production is officially complete.

Here is what is next:

Phase 2: To double the producing rate of printed mask within a one week period. 

Phase 1 goal: 600+ printed masks per week VS Phase 2 goal: 1,200+ printed masks per week.

We can't afford to take a chance of our medical staff becoming ill in the upcoming weeks- these need to be produced NOW!

After much consideration with various funding options we've decided that in order to keep as much financial flexibility as possible, we will continue fundraising.


We are currently 3D printing 24/7 and listening to the communities' immediate need for supplies. We need PPE NOW.

We are a Long Island based manufacturing shop.

Thank you,
Long Island Racing LLC